1. The Art of Not Complaining.

I had woken up today upset about my recent test score. Yes I passed but it was average. My watchword was excellence in all one does so naturally, I was devastated. So I brooded and moped around the house and, much to my supposed rebellion, chose to not study. Yup, not one book was read! And I couldn’t pray too, at least not with my mouth. I couldn’t form the words.

So imagine my shock when at 9pm that same day, I received news that my fellow mate in UI was dead. Needless to say I was stuck in a rut. A rut all-too-known. The numb rut. And in such state, I began to ponder on life. Really, is it not because I’m alive that I can be so ungrateful as to a “measly” pass?! That I allowed it consume my thoughts, disturb my day and much worse, my prayers?

Amazing how the cold hands of death on a known fellow can shake one so vigorously and put one in check. Hadn’t I simply wasted the whole day, a day this young man, if given the chance, would take so gladly? Of course, I mourn this known stranger for even in his death, he has taught me gratitude, what I call the art of not complaining.

R.I.P Tobi.



What If…?

What if things didn’t have to be this way?
But what if we’ve run out of things to say?

What if time we seem to have lost?
What if we didn’t carefully consider the cost?

What if time is the only thing that will tell?
But what if we already know the end too well?

What if your name still makes my heart beat faster?
What if moving on is a skill we both have to master?

What is past is past…
But I can’t help but wonder what if we had made it last…