5. On Life.

Fresh air on my sunkissed face, seated on a bench outside a tailor’s shop. I stop for a moment just in time to notice life going on around me.

I see.. A mother scolding her uniform-clad son, loving him unlovingly. A businessman bargaining with the pawpaw saleswoman. An old secondary schoolmate driving by.

I see.. A toddler’s lower lip badly bruised from a playdate gone wrong. Scruffy-looking boys catcalling a babe. Me shooing a young boy from attempting to touch the functioning generator.

I see.. A loving and lovely couple pass by. The sun setting now, setting in its beautiful brilliance.

I see.. A stunningly convincing male mannequin sitting on a steel chair. Colourful bags on a rack outside a shop I can’t help but visit. Way too many people on an okada.

I see.. A rundown lorry giving off probably noxious fumes. The brilliant streetlights. I catch a whiff of suya.

Life’s all around. Take a moment to take it all in and be grateful. From past experiences I’ve learnt to be grateful for every breath I don’t have to force. Long story.

Life’s all around. I know you’re alive but are you truly living?



Author: Lape

Lover of Christ. Aficionado of art, words and cologne. Student medic. Amateur pianist. Vous parlez Français?

6 thoughts on “5. On Life.”

  1. larpei tho! U will not kill me with laugh. Every normal nigerian would say ‘business man pricing pawpaw’… But i guess we aint normal as other. This z by far my favourite post as it gives me a picture to relax my busy head. Keep it up!

  2. That’s life in Nigeria typified. People of every age group doing their thing. You’re we don’t have the same tailor, because this is all i see when i’m seated outside my tailor shop too. Lol

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