Spiritual Homeostasis.

Chinemerem didn’t understand why this was happening to her. She had done everything she was asked to do down to the dot. She had studied every single material, attended every all-night tutorial and even attempted the trial examinations. What’s more was that she had prayed about it and was sure she was covered. Afterall, she had been diligent in her walk and was certain God has called her into this department.

But now, staring at the result in her hand, there was no way it could be hers. The red-ink sprawled transcript must belong to another Chinemerem Eze-Obiora. Another Chinemerem Eze-Obiora who was studying Law. Another Chinemerem Eze-Obiora who was also in her first year. Another Chinemerem Eze-Obiora who was being asked to repeat a year. Another Chinemerem…

Sometimes we wonder why certain things happen to us. Why did you lose that job offer, or why did your friend die? I don’t have all the answers but one thing I’m certain of is what Romans 8:28 says. Except even you doubt your love for God and know you’re not walking in His will, being carefully led by His ever-willing Holy Spirit, don’t recite this verse.

In Physiology, there is this thing called homeostasis. It’s all the body is ever trying to achieve. A state of constant internal milieu; where everything’s going on just splendid in the body. The brain’s working its part and the feet its bidding. Let me put it to you that there probably is a spiritual homeostasis. A state where all things work for your good. Let’s not ignore the condition however: to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Oh, for the record, fictitious Chinemerem graduated as the Best Graduating Student after repeating the class. Had she graduated the year before, she wouldn’t have met the man who offered her a job instantly on her graduation day. Guess things did work out for her because she never doubted God knew just what He was doing. Don’t lose hope. Pray instead.

I dedicate this to a special friend, Omoyeni. I think she knows.



Author: Lape

Lover of Christ. Aficionado of art, words and cologne. Student medic. Amateur pianist. Vous parlez Français?

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Homeostasis.”

  1. If HE asked you to give your most prized possession to someone else,
    Would you do it and come back and say ‘Lord, what next?’
    If HE asked you to spend you last notes when you culdn’t even afford a proper meal,
    Would you do it and still resist the urge to steal?
    If HE went silent at the time you needed HIM most,
    Would you stop believeing in HIM and think he’s just a ghost?
    If you’ve been asking for something since forever,
    Would you still resist the decievers offer and tell him ‘NEVER!’?
    If HE asked for your life to be given for another, would you gladly obey, singing hallelujah?
    The list can go on till there is nothing left to say,
    But the bottom line is that, no matter what, we must always obey!

    1. But of course. You only obey someone you trust, no? A song says, ‘trust and obey’. That is where relationship and fellowship with God comes in because trust is earned. Abraham could obey the mandate to kill his son because He trusted God built on his friendship with Him.

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