Hey Stranger.

A lonesome student passed by me when I was reading in the library and I wondered what the story behind the person was. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks – inspiration! Enjoy this concoction. In my defence, I was super bored and sleepy.

Hey stranger, stranger!
I wish I knew your name.
So I could yell it across the street when I see you.
And you would do the same.

Hey stranger, stranger!
I wish I was your friend.
So you would say hello to me down the hall.
And even around the bend.

Hey stranger, stranger!
I wish you would tell me your fears.
So I can give you my shoulder to cry on.
So I can wipe all your tears.

Hey stranger, stranger!
I wish we could grow old together.
So I could offer you the gift of friendship.
So we’d be buddies forever.

Hey stranger, stranger!
I wish you’d at least look at me.
As you pass me by in the library.
C’mon, what say ye?

Cue end.

Trust my darling pal, Ope Ala (@TheOpela) however to modify my work. His addition:
From the mind of the stranger.

I’m walking down the hall,
Thinking about my life.
And I notice a young girl staring at me
Ignorant of my strife.

She seemed a tad uncanny
With mischief in her eyes.
And a mind that was quick and witty
And would catch on any lies.

She watched as I walked on.
I’m sure she was thinking to herself,
“Who is this lost one…
And in what way does he need help?”

I hope she’s not a stalker
Who’ll later walk up to me.
And ask for my phone number
And wouldn’t let me be.

I hope she minds her business
And stays where she is.
For this is a bloody library
And she shouldn’t be disturbing the peace!



Author: Lape

Lover of Christ. Aficionado of art, words and cologne. Student medic. Amateur pianist. Vous parlez Français?

13 thoughts on “Hey Stranger.”

  1. Hahahahahaha. Go Lape!!! Seriously, you and Ope should write together more. And now everytime I pass by a stranger I’ll imagine what (s)he’s thinking.

  2. I thought of a pair when I read this; Ngozi/Ivara. They have never done a piece together though, not that I know of. However, I enjoyed reading this piece. I could readily picture it.

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