That Thin Line.

So the Intro to Pathology and Pharmacology posting finally ended and I can now take a breather, for a moment of course. For those who wonder how my tests went, let’s just say…God is able.

With the recent deaths documented on the news lately, my doctor aunt and I had a chat on morbid anatomy and I came to understand that life really is fragile. It isn’t about the designer shoes and the thousands-worth hair and all the other physical things one flaunts. At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, I dare say that it really is about what one gives back. A sight of a pretty and wealthy woman laying lifeless on a cold steel with a diamond ring still on her well-manicured finger comes to my mind. Her previously powdered face gone pale, her once-glistening dark hair pulled back and her luscious lips dry. Her staple, strawberry-like scent gone and death’s reek steadily taking over the atmosphere.

As a medic that has seen that thin line and been privileged to rejoice over life and mourn death, one realises that in the end, there is more to life. Sorry this took such an unpleasant turn but I’d like you to simply take a look at your life…



Author: Lape

Lover of Christ. Aficionado of art, words and cologne. Student medic. Amateur pianist. Vous parlez Français?

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